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FUNdays Club Presents: ‘Unknown’ by Holly McIntosh

Posted on 29 April 2022

FUNdays Club has teamed up with the Bradford-on-Avon Book Fiesta and Bristol-based artist Holly McIntosh to create a colourful comic book for our community.

The first issue of ‘Unknown’ follows Dan as he navigates his world. We’ve all been through a lot of uncertain, unsettling and everchanging times in the past two years. We’re trying to reflect and move forward and learn how to cope. At FUNdays Club, we understand this and we want to help and support families.

For children, uncertainty has been one of the most challenging aspects of their experience. Routines have been disrupted, and that can cause a lot of anxiety. Story-telling is a great help in explaining and working out the problems we have had to face. Dan’s story is both fun and heartfelt as a read-along child-adult experience, it is carefully crafted to help families open up to discussing some difficult topics. Children can also read it on their own to allow a chance for some independent thinking. This could help develop independent coping strategies and raise questions with adults.

We hope you walk away with something special after reading it.

Click the image below to start reading ‘Unknown – Part One’.