Make the most of the holidays with FUNdays Club

For many parents, the long stretch of holidays in the school year can be a challenge. Childcare is often required to free up time, whether to work or have a moment to yourself. With FUNdays Club, you can get rid of the parental guilt of using additional support. Raising a child takes a community, and our holiday-enrichment services are here to ensure that your child makes the most out of their breaks – and you do, too.

Struggling to handle long school holidays?

Even the most time-rich parent can’t handle everything. From managing work to handling day-to-day tasks and chores, you can’t spend every second of the day supporting your child in their development. That’s where FUNdays Club comes in. We free up your time and take away the guilt of holiday parenting. By providing your child with plenty of opportunities to learn, grow, and develop all-important social skills, we support you in raising your child as well as you possibly can. The more time your child spends exploring and learning, the more free time you have.

FUNdays Club brings the enrichment back to holidays

Our goal at FUNdays Club is to provide an enjoyable, memorable, and welcoming experience for every child. Enrichment sessions offer plenty of opportunities for kids to develop vital life skills, flex their creativity, and develop new passions and interests. Our active-play sessions encourage freedom and exploration, allowing children to pick their activities, from reading quietly to expressing themselves with arts and crafts, playing outside to exploring nature spaces. No time spent tethered to digital technology required, and healthy snacks supplied as standard.

Childcare designed to support healthy development and growth

One of the key issues that parents have with conventional childcare is the overemphasis on digital babysitting. Every team member at FUNdays Club is trained and qualified to directly work with children, encouraging engaging play, active interest, and invaluable skill-building exercises. Every child that comes to FUNdays Club has plenty of chances to explore what they enjoy, connect with other club-goers, and broaden their horizons.