What we provide through FUNdays Club

With FUNdays Club, you can forget about the parental guilt of limited after-school sessions and holiday childcare. Our commitment is to offer children a high-quality, learning-centric experience through play, discovery, and planned activities. When your child comes to a FUNdays Club session, they get all the benefits of interacting with others, engaging in activities, and developing vital skills. We believe in active fun over passive entertainment in everything we do.

Holiday Enrichment

Our holiday enrichment is ideal for providing your children with engaging and enjoyable learning experiences outside of regular school time. Whether you’re looking for supportive childcare during working hours or want to get your child more active and involved in exploration and learning, our holiday-enrichment programme ticks those boxes.

Holiday Enrichment

Term-Time Enrichment

A dedicated set of before- and after- school term-time enrichment sessions. We provide children with a safe space to explore, learn, and develop vital skills in the mornings and after school. From active play to improved communication with other children, we ensure that children get the full benefit of their time with our trained, specialised team.

Term Time Enrichment

Specialist Packages

One-to-one tuition with a qualified teacher.

Core Skills

We do the home learning for you through one-to-one sessions tailored specifically to your child.

Booster Pack

Strengthen literacy skills through one-to-one sessions proven to be impactful.

FUN Food Snack

Children get the chance to explore healthy foods through creativity and construction.


Adult-led sessions that enrich your child’s life by broadening horizons, learning valuable life-skills and expanding self-confidence.

Active Play

Child-led sessions where we encourage your child’s individuality through expression of imagination.

Want to know more about what we do?

If you’d like to learn more about FUNdays Club, speaking to our friendly team is the ideal place to start. Whether you have queries about availability or you want to know more about hours and experiences you can book, we’re here to help. Get in touch now to find out more about how FUNdays Club could be the best thing for you and your child.

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