Join FUNdays Early Morning and After-School Clubs

Whether you need to work longer hours than school allows, or you need additional time for yourself, after-school clubs have long been a popular choice. FUNdays Club takes the classic term-time formula and flips it on its head, with fun and enriching before – and after-school sessions designed to engage children without the need for digital intervention.

Feeling the parental guilt?

We get it. It’s difficult striking a balance between your responsibilities and doing the right thing for your kids. Parents often tell us that traditional after-school clubs don’t offer anything new, and children are often left to their own devices with no structure or fun activities to enjoy. That’s why FUNdays Club was invented.

We provide the ideal supplement to the development and engagement your child gets at home.

We offer the ideal enrichment to enhance your child’s development

We host both morning and afternoon term-time enrichment clubs at three different locations across London and Wiltshire. Our specialised, dedicated team actively involve kids in unique activities, enjoyable play, and snack creation mealtimes to spark their creativity. All children are given plenty of opportunities to improve self-confidence, explore new interests, or take part in scheduled enrichment activities that they’ll love. Our goal is to encourage active engagement and exploration. No digital babysitters or technology-focused solutions necessary.

Active, engaging fun that provides well-being for the whole family

With active, involved enrichment and activities designed by educators, we ensure that your child makes the most of their time in the early-morning and after-school clubs. This leaves more time for parents to do what they need to do – and less time for guilt in the process. Active play and regular enrichment activities ensure that your child can grow creatively, learn new things, and develop essential skills in a welcoming and friendly environment. That’s how we do it at FUNdays Club.