Essential Emails

All essential emails sent by FUNdays Club for The Treehouse Club at The Grove Primary School for 2023-24.

  • From the start of next term (30.10.2023) a new £3 non-notification of absence policy will be in effect. You will need to login to your Treehouse Club accounts from this date to accept the changes before a new booking may be made.

    This policy is as follows:

    For any absences, please inform us before the date through text, or phone call if less than 24 hours. This allows us to offer spaces to other families in need.

    • After School Club: If site staff are not informed of an absence by close of registration at the Treehouse After School Club and the Manager has to enact a Missing Child procedure to locate the child, a £3 absence non-notification fee will be billed to the parent/carer. This is to part cover the Managers time enacting Missing Child procedures and to reduce occurrences in order to improve our response if a genuine occurrence happened.