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Moroccan Holiday Club February 2022

Posted on 4 January 2022

Our Moroccan Holiday Club is now finished

Click here to view ‘The Round Up’ of the highlights!

Daily Themes and Activities

Monday 21st: Landscapes

Morocco has mountains and deserts, a long, rugged coastline, and lies at the crossing point with the Straits of Gibraltar. It marks the gateway to Africa and the beginning of the vast Sahara Desert plains. The coastline is dotted with incredible rock formations shaped by the pounding waves of the ocean.

Create and Discover – TBA

PE and Sports – TBA

Tuesday 22nd: Traditions

Morocco is a blend of Arabic, Berber and Spanish culture. Throughout the year there are many festivals, celebrating the music and dance of the different regions and the horse-riding culture of the tribes. There are also gatherings of avid surfers who ride the waves off the Atlantic coast.

Create and Discover – TBA

PE and Sports – TBA

Wednesday 23rd: Food

Spices and fragrant flavours like rose and apricot make for mouth-watering dishes. Morocco is at a crossroads of Mediterranean and African cuisines and the markets and bazaars are known for their amazing sights, sounds and smells. Chermoula, pastilla, couscous, and baghrir – there’s so much to discover for every taste.

Create and Discover – TBA

PE and Sports – TBA

Thursday 24th: Art

Weaving, ceramics, zellige mosaic, and carved wood and plaster. Moroccan artists have centuries of tradition and technique to call upon. Old and new styles come together in printed fabrics and metalwork. Both useful and decorative, the style is unique and very special.

Create and Discover – TBA

PE and Sports – TBA

Friday 25th: Moroccan Madness

A round-up of all the week’s activities come together on the final day. The children can create exhibits and take pictures of their discoveries to share. Absorbed in the culture of another country, the children can take in so much, excite their curiosity and broaden their horizons.  

Create and Discover – TBA

PE and Sports – TBA

PE and Sports Enrichment

Our PE and Sports Team will be delivering enrichment sessions everyday. See our PE and Sports team below:

Rebecca Snelling

Dominic Mortimer

Latest Guidance Followed

We follow the current government guidance for out-of-school providers for February 2022.


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